Benefits of Using a Birthing Center

When a woman first finds out she is expecting a baby she has a lot of different decisions to make about the care she receives prenatally and the care she wishes to have during her labor and delivery. One option is the use of a birthing center for prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum services. Here are three reasons a woman might want to consider using a birthing center San Antonio as her source of support for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum services.

Mother and Baby Focus

Birthing centers allow mothers to make decisions about their labor and delivery experience and fully allow women to utilize their birth plan with compassionate and competent support and care from a team of midwives. There are a lot of different options for women in labor to make in terms of the positions they utilize during labor, the tools and supports available throughout labor, and the people they want as part of the labor and delivery process.

Home-Like Setting

Giving birth is a very intimate process and a birthing center allows a woman to have access to modern technology and medical care but in a setting that resembles a home. Birthing suites in centers often look like a welcoming bedroom in a home with a comfortable bed and furniture, soaking tubs, and a private bathroom. The birth suites are private and allow any number of support people in the room with the woman who is laboring.

Comprehensives Services

Because birthing centers typically support natural labor and delivery with as minimal of interventions as possible, there may be an assumption they are not safe or helpful in more complex pregnancies. This is untrue as birthing centers have relationships with traditional OBGYNs and hospitals in case a mother needs more medical care. Birthing centers have access to labs, sonograms, and other equipment needed to ensure mother and baby are safe and progressing well. They also provide a full range of pre-natal appointments and services and postpartum services such as lactation consultation, home visits, and counseling.