4 Symptoms of Diabetes

Can you make any difference between healthy and unhealthy people if they are running same activity and have same physic? Most of us will find difficulty to see people who have diabetes and not. If you are consuming too much sugar, you will increase sugar contain in blood where it can create diabetes slowly.

Symptoms of diabetes? according to Futuready.com are as follows:

1. Feeling Thirsty and Trip to Toilet Frequently

If you feel thirsty after doing exercise then it is normal. But, if you are very thirsty each hour, then you should pay attention to diabetes. Excess sugar in blood will make the kidney works harder to absorb sugar. Therefore, excess sugar will throw away with the urine.

2. Feeling Tired Easily

Besides too often for going to the toilet, you will feel so tired and exhausted easily. Even it is still earlier in the morning, you feel so sleepy and do not have energy. Try having exercise to overcome this situation.

3. Long recovery for Infection

If you have infection, your body defense does not work quickly. Moreover, women are facing this disease through vagina infection.

4. Loosing Weight without Any Reason

Don’t be happy if you are losing weight suddenly although you are eating too much. Your body tells you that diabetes attack you.

Most of the problems for diabetes are coming from the lifestyle. If you consume healthy food and control the calorie, it will be easier to control diabetes. It does not mean that diabetes has no treatment to cure the disease. Do not ignore the importance of eating healthy food since it will give high impact to your body.

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