What to Expect after Back Surgery

Whether you’ve spent most of your life suffering with back issues developed at birth or have experienced an injury, living with spinal pain can make it difficult to accomplish routine tasks. The decision to undergo back surgery is major. The procedure can be highly invasive and requires a willingness to endure hours of orthopedic rehabilitation. The road after the procedure is painful; to prepare, you must be determined to continue treatment.

  • Those undergoing surgery will be required to spend a length of time in the hospital, which is determined by the type of procedure. Your health standing can also affect the length of stay. The first few days after the surgery involve bed rest, walking only when assisted.
  • Your surgeon may place tubes in the incision for drainage purposes, which will be removed a few days after surgery. The bandages will need to be changed frequently, as well.
  • The surgeon’s primary goal after the procedure is rehabilitation. These activities will be gentle at first, and slowly increasing with time. The exact routines will be planned by your doctor. As much as you desire to be back into your normal routine, taking your time is the only way to safely heal.