What are the Symptoms of Sciatica Damage?

Sciatica is a type of pain that affects the sciatic never. This is usually because of compression or some type of irritation to the nerve that results in a variety of symptoms. This pain can arise for many reasons, though one of the most common is a slipped disc. However, many forms of trauma can lead to sciatica.

People often seek out injections for sciatica pain relief when they exhibit some of the following symptoms. Pain in the buttocks or leg is very common. A hint that this pain may be from damage to the sciatica nerve is that the pain gets worse when you sit down. This pain can also feel like a burning or tingling sensation that can run all the way down to your foot. These sensations are also often accompanied with weakness, numbness, or a general difficulty with moving your foot.

Other symptoms include pain that is located on one side of the buttocks but not the other. When people with sciatica damage stand up, they report feeling a shooting pain that makes it difficult. If you feel you are experiencing sciatica pain, it is best to seek out a doctor right away.