Three Ways To Support a Loved One Battling Addiction

One of the hardest things to watch a loved one go through is a battle with addiction. It may be hard to know how best to support or encourage someone to seek help, but there are a few things you can do.

Research Treatment Options

Seeking help can be intimidating for someone who is addicted to alcohol, drugs or anything else. They may want to seek help, but they might be overwhelmed at the thought of being in treatment. Searching your local area for resources is a great way to help your loved one. Helping them choose a reputable rehab or sober house MD can make a big difference as they begin their journey.

Expect Stumbling Blocks

Addiction is a serious and lifelong disease. According to the American Addiction Center, between 40% and 60% of addicts will relapse. Because of this fact, it can be smart to expect difficulties and challenges along the way. It can be smart to have a plan in place to help you know what to do in case your loved one relapses.

Practice Self Care

Loving and caring for someone who experiences addiction can be very draining. It can be incredibly important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Find ways to manage stress, eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep. It may also be beneficial to seek out professional counseling to help you manage your own emotions and experiences in a healthy way.

If you care for someone battling an addiction of any kind, you may feel helpless. Not knowing how to help a loved one can be stressful and taxing. It can help to have a plan in place when your loved one is ready to seek action. Help them find the right treatment, expect relapse and other challenges along the way, and don’t forget to take care of yourself.