Raising Healthier Families

Caring for your family can feel overwhelming at times, especially with the pressures of society, the responsibilities of adulthood and the increased availability of unhealthy choices. However, it’s important to continue to make health and wellness a top priority for you and your children.

Don’t Skip the Doctor’s Office

Most parents are faithful to take their young children to the doctor for all of their scheduled well visits to ensure they’re developing normally and receiving their recommended vaccines. But if your child is relatively healthy, it’s easy to allow too long of a lapse between visits. Regular checkups are important for detecting and preventing serious conditions in children and adults. If scheduling and keeping appointments is a struggle for your family, use an app or reminder on your phone to stay organized. You may want to consider searching for a new pediatrician houston tx that’s in a more convenient location or offers extended hours.

Provide Healthy Meals and Snacks

It’s relatively common knowledge that prepackaged items, fast food and processed foods aren’t the best choices and should only be enjoyed in moderation as a part of your family’s diet. Rather than taking an elimination approach to your food, you may be more successful at finding creative ways to add healthier foods back in. For example, sneak carrots and spinach into smoothies or add peas to macaroni and cheese. To boost water intake and help prevent unnecessary snacking, keep a water cup or bottle available to sip on at all times.

Make Exercise a Priority

Television, tablets and phones are now an everyday part of the average child’s life and can lead to increasingly sedentary habits. Make them a reward for time spend exercising instead of a go-to activity. You can also include them in your family’s exercise routine by using fun workout videos, playlists or apps. Creating a family competition can also help motivate everyone to live a more active lifestyle.

Whether you need creative ideas or modern solutions, it may be times to revisit these basics of healthy living and create a plan for your family today.