Prescription Drug Abuse

When most people think about drug addiction they usually think of junkies strung out on cocaine, meth, heroin or other illegal street drugs, but addiction to perfectly legal prescription drugs is even more common. People struggling with chronic pain often find themselves dependent on the drugs they use to treat their pain. Those with anxiety disorders also face the risks of dependency as the drugs used to treat them, such as Xanax, are highly addictive. If you or someone you care about is struggling with prescription drug abuse, you should look into counseling for addition treatment.

That said it can be very difficult to admit there is a problem and that help is needed, but until that happens, treatment is unlikely to be effective. Addicts need to accept and acknowledge their addiction and want to get help. If your family member isn’t ready to admit they have a problem, don’t be afraid to get counseling for yourself or seek out a support group. If you are the one with an addiction issue, talk to you doctor. Often they can help you wean yourself off the medication causing the issue and help you overcome your addiction. They are aware that certain drugs cause dependency and want to help!