Why Travel to Thailand for Alcohol Detoxification

Thailand is a veritable destination for medical tourists. It is ranked 47th by the World Health Organization and recognized by first world countries in the field of healthcare system. A significant number of international tourists flock to Thailand to avail of outstanding, first-rate healthcare facilities; and seek medical, dental and aesthetic procedures at very competitive rates.

Thailand also affords a number of world class drug and addiction rehabilitation centers. As part of Thailand’s greater medical tourism program, (specifically rehab tourism), most centers for drug and alcohol detox in Thailand are reasonably priced yet offers excellent detoxification and rehabilitation programs in world-class facilities. Majority of these detox centers afford inpatient treatment that focuses on substance abuse and possible physical and mental co morbidities.

Alocohol Detox

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Why Seek Alcohol Detoxification?

Alcohol detoxification is the initial essential step in the management and treatment of alcohol addiction. The detoxification process is not glitch-free. Detoxification requires closely monitored and supervised withdrawal period from alcohol as the process can cause complications not only to the patient but to those around him. Some of the more common physical withdrawal symptoms tare sweats, nausea, vomiting, seizures; whereas hallucinations, paranoia and anxiety are common psychological or mental withdrawal symptoms. During this phase of the rehabilitation process, the patient is instructed about his dependence, course of treatment, recovery process and eventual integration to day-to-day living.

Advantages of Alcohol Detoxification in Thailand

In a nutshell, alcohol detox and rehab in Thailand are highly effective yet very affordable considering the first rate programs, highly qualified facilitators and world-class facilities set amidst natural wonders of Thailand.

Effective Treatment Program – Alcohol detox and rehabilitation centers in Thailand offer residential treatment that starts with a medically supervised detoxification process. The ensuing treatment program for alcohol dependence lasts 28 days and then followed with a rehabilitation and recovery phase in another setup. This phase usually last several months as this is crucial for easing in a recovering alcoholic into mainstream living. The treatment program combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Recovery Zones, modified 12-steps of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and mindfulness meditation.

Qualified and Highly Trained Staff – Both medical and support staff are western trained and licensed. They are highly experienced in dealing with all types of illicit substance abuse, including process addiction, such as gambling and sexual addiction. The in-house medical team is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses who are on site 24/7. The inherent warmth and friendliness of staff adds to the high level of care afforded resident patients.

Affordable Treatment Program

Where substance abuse rehabilitation in a luxurious setting in first world countries cost from $20,000 to $80,000 a month, top ultra-luxurious detox and rehabilitation centers in Thailand cost from $12,000 to $14,000 a month. Each resident patient is given his private quarters overlooking scenic views. There is none of the sterile and boring looking rooms for resident patients as their private living spaces are parallel to a luxurious resort setting. Included in the general rehabilitation program are physical fitness activities such as swimming, yoga and occasional excursions.

The general low-cost of living in Thailand makes it possible for drug, alcohol and process addiction rehabilitation centers in the country to offer the best detox and treatment program managed by first-rate staff and counselors, done in a luxurious setting.


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Where to Find the Hearing Aid Treatment You Deserve

A large amount of people every year struggle with not being able to hear properly. Sometimes, hearing problems can come from birth, while other times, a significant life event can cause the issues. Regardless of how you find yourself struggling, there is an answer. Since hearing aids have been around for a fairly long time, there has been plenty of time for health professionals to figure out how to increase things like productivity and comfort when it comes to hearing aids and any accessories needed. When you are in need of a new hearing aid, or just a fix, then you must choose the right place for you. In order to get the best treatment, find an office where the hearing adjustments done by specialists can’t be beaten.


Even though you may be able to hold off on some much needed adjustments, it is better to get it over with so that you can get back to focusing on life. One of the greater tragedies occurs when people become distracted through no fault of their own. Make sure you get the best treatment possible when it comes to hearing aids. Don’t give yourself a chance to be uncomfortable, go somewhere that cares about your hearing, and will do their best trying to get you back to where you want to be.

Protecting Your Hearing

Hearing is something most of us take for granted and don’t really value until we start to lose it. Some degree of hearing loss may be a normal part of aging, but many of us hurry that along and even make it worse by not protecting our ears. The ear is a sensitive and complex thing and it does not take much to damage it. Ever leave a rock concert or club with ringing ears? That’s a sign of damage, and if you continue to expose your ears to damaging levels of noise, that ringing can become permanent. If you enjoy rocking out to must via headphones, always keep them at a safe level. If you cannot hear anything around you when you have them on, chances are you have them at a volume level that is damaging your hearing.

If you find yourself needing to turn up the TV, asking people to repeat themselves or having trouble following conversations, especially in large crowds, you should call Paradise Hearing and schedule a hearing test. Should you have significant hearing loss, hearing aids are available that can really help while being discreet and comfortable, so don’t suffer with hearing loss!

3 Hearing Aid Myths You May Have Heard

As we age, we may need to have hearing aids to improve our ability to hear conversations. However, there are a number of hearing aid myths you may have heard:

  1. Hearing aids are noticeable and difficult to use. Modern hearing aids are very small and weigh just three or four ounces. They are not very noticeable and are quite comfortable. What is more noticeable is having to constantly ask people to repeat themselves in a conversation.
  2. Buying hearing aids online is cheaper. If you want to hear better, the best way is to get a hearing aid fitted for you. Hearing aids are complex medical devices that need to be fitted with each user for best results. You should choose your hearing aids based upon the results of an audiologic evaluation done by an experienced professional. Modern hearing aids fitted to you by a professional will give you the best results.
  3. Hearing aids are too costly. These devices are a long term purchase that will provide you with a better quality of life. The cost of the devices should be considered in light of the high amount of quality of life they will add. Most people use a hearing aid for at least five years, so if the up front cost is $4500, that is less than $1000 a year for a device that will make your life much easier.