Beauty Trends Fall 2019

Beauty trends are always evolving as new fads fade and old favorites are ever coming back into style. As summer starts to fade, take a look at some of these trends that are going strong heading into fall. Whether thinking about lash extension or lip injections Norfolk VA has something for everyone.

Time Machine

For the past year or so, trends have started gravitating back towards the ’90s, and this is becoming especially true for makeup trends. Strong smoky eyes are making a comeback, as are matte foundations, sparkly accents, and statement hair clips. Tiny sunglasses have been all the rage, especially in Los Angeles, and this fun accessory seems to be sticking around for a while longer. Fashion-forward stars like the Hadid sisters and Jenner-Kardashian clan are gravitating back to the ’90s in earnest.


Going simple in style seems to be a popular direction, too. Cool concepts like one-line nail art and monochromatic outfits are becoming more and more visible. With the popularity of the simple denim skirt still going strong, the boldest dressers are stacking denim on denim. The return of minimalism could be partially credited to the explosion of Marie Kondo’s personal brand and Netflix popularity. If street style blogs are any indicator, a trouser and crisp shirt won’t be going out of style any time soon.

Cozy Comfort

Large, bulky sweaters in the form of statement jackets and capes topped the runways at New York Fashion Week. Layers and feathers adorn some of the bolder prints, but for everyday use, just know that curling up in a cozy sweater is very much in this fall’s future. Coats and jackets with wide belts are making statements on the runways and on the street, too. Some of the asymmetrical trends could end up landing in the cozy sweater world, so keep an eye out for some power statements across the board.