3 Hearing Aid Myths You May Have Heard

As we age, we may need to have hearing aids to improve our ability to hear conversations. However, there are a number of hearing aid myths you may have heard:

  1. Hearing aids are noticeable and difficult to use. Modern hearing aids are very small and weigh just three or four ounces. They are not very noticeable and are quite comfortable. What is more noticeable is having to constantly ask people to repeat themselves in a conversation.
  2. Buying hearing aids online is cheaper. If you want to hear better, the best way is to get a hearing aid fitted for you. Hearing aids are complex medical devices that need to be fitted with each user for best results. You should choose your hearing aids based upon the results of an audiologic evaluation done by an experienced professional. Modern hearing aids fitted to you by a professional will give you the best results.
  3. Hearing aids are too costly. These devices are a long term purchase that will provide you with a better quality of life. The cost of the devices should be considered in light of the high amount of quality of life they will add. Most people use a hearing aid for at least five years, so if the up front cost is $4500, that is less than $1000 a year for a device that will make your life much easier.